A week-long course (April 2–9, 2017), or
а long weekend course (April 5–9, 2017)

Grasse, Provence, France

Our program, The Art of Perfume, will teach you about the sense of smell, perfume history, and the culture of aromas. You will have a chance to smell rare legendary perfumes in their original formulations, explore some of the best materials used by fragrance industry professionals, and discover why your nose is more sensitive than the most sophisticated machine. The April session will take place in the historical heart of the French perfume industry — Grasse, Provence.

Senses&Vacation is an educational project aimed at introducing its participants to new ideas and sharing experience while visiting the most picturesque places.

Our first course was dedicated to the science of smell. It took place in October 2016 in Luberon; our lecturers were the renowned Luca Turin and Victoria Frolova, author of Bois de Jasmin perfume blog. The course was very successful, according to both its participants and the press. The second part will take place in Grasse in April 2017.

The guests will be living in a small town near Cap d'Antibes. The town is situated between Nice and Cannes, 13 km from Nice Côte d'Azur Airport.

Victoria Frolova will explain the principles of fragrance construction and history. Her professional training gave her a glimpse inside the secret and competitive world of the perfume industry, and in turn, she will share her experience with you. You will learn about the perfumer’s palette, smell rare vintage fragrances and do exercises to sharpen your sense of smell.

Victoria Frolova


Victoria Frolova is a journalist and a fragrance specialist. After pursuing her graduate degree in political science at Yale University and later at Duke, she stepped into the labs of International Flavors & Fragrances and received an opportunity to learn the intricate art of perfumery at the source. Inspired by her mentor, Sophia Grojsman, the creator of legends like Yves Saint Laurent Paris and Calvin Klein Eternity, she studied fragrance chemistry, history and composition.

Victoria Frolova

Frolova’s writing has appeared in publications such as The New York Times Magazine, ELLE, Red Magazine, Marie Claire, and Flair. She’s a longstanding contributing writer to Perfumer & Flavorist and The Financial Times “How to Spend It” Magazine. Her explorations of scent touch upon all elements that make this subject rich and complex — science, art, literature, history, and culture.

The editor of, a website devoted to sensory pursuits, Frolova is a recipient of three Fragrance Foundation FiFi Awards for Editorial Excellence and is a member of Société Française des Parfumeurs (French Society of Perfumers). She lives in Brussels and conducts scent seminars around the world.

Genya Cartozo


Genya Cartozo is a certified guide and an expert on Provence. She studied Archaeology in Tel Aviv University and Anthropology in Marseille-Aix. After living in Provence for nearly twenty years, she knows the region inside and out, and Provence dwellers often recognize her in the streets even in the smallest villages. Her tours are very popular and highly acclaimed.

Genya Cartozo



As part of our course, we are going to visit famous perfumer Edmond Roudnitska's flower garden and his Art et Parfum lab where his son, Michel Roudnitska, continues the family tradition. Always in search of perfection, Michel took the Art et Parfum workshop, synonymous with quality and prestige since its foundation in 1946, to new heights in his quest for beauty and harmony, while maintaining the uncompromising standards to which his father dedicated his life and work.

Art et Parfum continues to serve the most exclusive fragrance houses (Christian Dior, Marcel Rochas, Hermes, etc,). Among the lab's timeless creations are Eau Sauvage, Diorella, Diorissimo, Moustache and Eau d'Hermes. And yet the lab remains faithful to innovation.

In 2002 Michel collaborated with Parfums DelRae, a new brand from San Francisco, in creating a family of perfumes targeting the USA market: Eau Illuminee, Amoureuse, and Bois de Paradis, followed by Debut in 2004. These fragrances are now alsoavaileble in Europe.

Michel still creates perfumes for the US luxury market. In 2007-2008 he and Jessica Dune designed two new fragrances: Ellie and Ellie Nuit. Also, in November 2008, Emotionelle, the fifth fragrance by DelRay brand, was launched in Europe.


We studied the feedback from the first course and are now happy to offer you two different options:

A week-long course (April 2–9), or
a long weekend course (April 5–9)



I. Week-Long Course Schedule (April 2–9, 2017)

SUNDAY, April 2

  • 8:00 pm Welcome reception at the hotel

MONDAY, April 3

  • A guided tour of Nice
  • A visit to an antique market

TUESDAY, April 4

  •  A tour of Antibes and a visit to Provence market
  • A tour of Cannes, including a visit to a perfume shop


  • A tour of local wineries
  • Wine-tasting
  • 8:00 Welcome reception for the second group (an opportunity for the participants of both groups to meet and greet.)

The schedule for the next four days is the same for both groups (see bellow).

Genya Cartozo will be our guide during these days. She has been showing the region to visitors from all over the world for more than 15 years and has extraordinary knowledge unrivaled expertise in its best sites and stories.

for participants from the US and Canada we recommend the week-long course: the three days of relaxation will help them to overcome jet lag before the start of the educational program.

II.Long Weekend Course schedule (April 5–9, 2017)


  • 8:00 pm. Welcome reception at the hotel bar: an opportunity for the participants of both groups to meet and greet


Day 1: Inside A Perfumer’s Garden and A Visit to the Perfume Lab

  • 9:00 am-noon. A visit to Roudnitska's
  • Noon-2:00 pm. Lunch (not included in the price of the package)
  • 2:00 pm-4:00 pm. A visit to Grasse Museum

FRIDAY, April 7

Day 2: How We Smell, and a Journey Through Perfume History

Participants will master the language of fragrance as they draw on their personal experiences. They will also perform exercises to sharpen their sense of smell.

Painters express their vision with colors, but for perfumers, ideas acquire meaning with aromatics. Nowadays the multi-million dollar industry, supported by research and development in aroma-materials, creates hundreds of new scents each year. In this module the participants will learn how something as shapeless. They will learn how professionals transform ideas and visions into scents, and they will smell some of the greatest examples of the perfumers’ art, including the legendary fragrances in their original formulations.

  • 9:15 am-10:15am.Victoria Frolova's lecture
  • 10:15 am-10:30 am. Coffee break
  • 10:30 am-noon. Victoria Frolova will demonstrate her collection of vintage perfumes and talk about fragrances popular in the past
  • Afternoon. Personal time


Day 3: The Art of Perfumery

Participants will learn about some of the key materials used in perfumery as well as the basics of fragrance composition. They will get a glimpse into the métier of a perfumer by creating a fragrance accord using classical materials.

The day will continue with explorations of more legendary fragrances and the stories behind them.

  • 9:00 am-10:30 am. Victoria Frolova's workshop
  • 10:30 am-10:45 am. Coffee break
  • 10:45 am-noon. Victoria Frolova will demonstrate her collection of vintage perfumes and talk about fragrances popular in the past
  • Afternoon. Personal time
  • 7:00 pm. Farewell dinner at a restaurant (optional, not included in the price of the package)

SUNDAY, April 9

  • Check-out

This schedule may be slightly modified depending on the number of participants, the weather, and other conditions. The changes will not affect the main events: the visit to Roudnitska's garden and Art et Pafrum lab, and Victoria's lectures and workshops.




of the Course

The course will take place in a hotel in Provence.

Rooms with twin or king-sized beds are available. All rooms have air conditioning, LCD TV, and other amenities.



Week-long course

€3,700 for 1 person occupying a double room.*

€5,800  for 2 people sharing a double room.*

Long weekend course

€2,500 for 1 person occupying a double room.*

€4,300 for 2 people sharing a double room.*

*This cost includes accommodation, courses, breakfast.



"So it’s serious news that Turin will be one of two principal lecturers at The Secret of Scent, a three-day residential course in Luberon, hosted from October 20 to 24 by Science & Vacation, a company that specialises in luxury learning with a scientific bent.

Also speaking scent will be the course’s other founder Victoria Frolova, fragrance expert and How To Spend It contributor, who will delve into perfume’s history and how it is created now, while offering a rare opportunity to sniff recherché vintage formulas."

Financial Times: Discover the secret of scent with Luca Turin

Oh, it was just awesome, in all ways! The opportunity to be in the presence of these fine, highly intelligent and generous people was one of the highlights of my year! SO glad it worked out.

Marion Niedringhaus

Thank you so very much for hosting an interesting and organized event!  I learned a great deal, met wonderful people, and enjoyed the French countryside

Jana Menard

Perfume is more than the experience of ethereal  fragrances.  It is history, chemistry, exotic (and mundane) materials, physics,  biology and, of course, your nose and preferences.  Sergy and Katya produced a fabulous course that took participants through perfume's history, its luminaries, its challenges and its successes.  We experienced perfumes almost 100 years old.  We experienced novel and avant-garde perfumes. And we learned about the sense of smell, down to the biophysics level.  We applied this experience and knowledge to create our own personal, wonderful  fragrance base.  The course also took us a short way down another scent road - wine tasting, but this is a story for another time.

David Burns

Science & Vacation “The Secret of Scent” was my #1 travel experience in 2016 – and one of my top 10 ever! As a perfume lover, a perfume blog junkie and a Luca Turin science groupie, this class hit all the right notes! Location in the Luberon was gorgeous with lots of wonderful places to explore in Provence. And the parfums… OMG! Victoria was incredibly generous in sharing her vintage parfums that may be a once in a life time opportunity to smell, parfum classics like Jicky and Mitsuko and so many others! And Luca’s science lectures on how smell works and the chemistry of synthetics, esp musks, was as fascinating as you would expect from the irreverent and articulate Luca Turin! If you love parfums, are addicted to the perfume blogs and you love travel, Science & Vacation are for you!

I loved this class so much I have already reserved my spot for the 2017 class!

Debra Dout