April 15–22, 2018, or
April 18–22, 2018

Burgundy, France

Previous courses:
– The Art of Perfume (2017)
– The Secret of Scent (2016)

For the third time in a row we have been gathering fragrance lovers in the most beautiful places of France where we’ve been able to please all our five senses – from smell to taste and vision.

Senses&Vacation is an educational project aimed at introducing its participants to new ideas and sharing experience while visiting the most picturesque places.

Our first course was dedicated to the science of smell. It took place in October 2016 in Luberon; our lecturers were the renowned Luca Turin and Victoria Frolova, the author of Bois de Jasmin perfume blog. The course was very successful, according to both its participants and the press.

The second course was held in Grasse in April 2017 (you can learn more about it following this link). The course was taught by Victoria Frolova, and the best guide in Provence Genya Cartoso took us over the local sites.

Now we are happy to introduce the new Art of Perfume course with Victoria Frolova in April 2018. This time it will take place in Burgundy and will be dedicated to fragrances and wine. Victoria Frolova will teach the participants to explore the scents of wine and perfume and to enhance the enjoyment of aromas in food and drink. The participants of the course will also visit several wineries where the famous burgundy wines are produced.

Victoria Frolova


Victoria Frolova is a journalist and a fragrance specialist. After pursuing her graduate degree in political science at Yale University and later at Duke, she stepped into the labs of International Flavors & Fragrances and received an opportunity to learn the intricate art of perfumery at the source. Inspired by her mentor, Sophia Grojsman, the creator of legends like Yves Saint Laurent Paris and Calvin Klein Eternity, she studied fragrance chemistry, history and composition.

Victoria Frolova

Frolova’s writing has appeared in publications such as The New York Times Magazine, ELLE, Red Magazine, Marie Claire, and Flair. She’s a longstanding contributing writer to Perfumer & Flavorist and The Financial Times “How to Spend It” Magazine. Her explorations of scent touch upon all elements that make this subject rich and complex — science, art, literature, history, and culture.

The editor of, a website devoted to sensory pursuits, Frolova is a recipient of three Fragrance Foundation FiFi Awards for Editorial Excellence and is a member of Société Française des Parfumeurs (French Society of Perfumers). She lives in Brussels and conducts scent seminars around the world.


We are happy to offer you two different options:

A 5-day course (April 15-22), or a 3-day course (April 18–22).

The first two days of the longer course will include guided tours around Burgundy, sightseeing and visits to many interesting places.

We are finalizing the program right now, but you already press the button BOOK HERE and choose the option which is right for you.

The long weekend course scedule.


April 18: Arrival

April 19: What Makes for a Beautiful Perfume

  • Victoria Frolova's workshop

Participants will master the language of fragrance as they draw on their personal experiences. They will also perform exercises to sharpen their sense of smell.

Together with the lecturer they learn the evolution of perfume history by studying some of the most iconic examples of the perfumery art in their original formulations.

  • Guided tour of the region

April 20: Perfume and Wine

  • Victoria Frolova's workshop

Participants will explore scents found in wine and in perfume. They will learn about raw materials, notes, accords and examples of fragrances in which they’re used. They will learn about ways to enhance the enjoyment of aromas and flavors in food and drink.

  • Guided tour of the region and visits to wineries

The participants will have a chance to apply their knowledge to wine tasting.

April 21: A Fragrance Map

  • Victoria Frolova's workshop

Selecting the right fragrance is often one of the most complicated aspects of enjoying perfume. To help participants hone their skills at smelling and recognizing interesting fragrances, they will learn about some of the key materials used in perfumery as well as the basics of fragrance composition.

They will also explore classical and contemporary niche fragrances and draw their own fragrance map. The session will be concluded with smelling exercises tailored for every participant so that they can practice at home to keep their sense of smell sharp.

  • Farewell dinner

April 22: Departure

This schedule may be slightly modified depending on the number of participants, the weather, and other conditions. The changes will affect neither Victoria's lectures and workshops nor the visits to the wineries.


of the Course

The event will be held in château Le Sallay, some buildings of which go back to 1506. In spite of its considerable age, the château is in excellent condition, has been certified as a four-star hotel and is perfect for combining courses and rest.

Single, double, triple and quadruple rooms are available in the château.

The hotel is located in a 2,5 hours’ drive from Paris, or a two hours’ ride by train (from Paris-Bercy railway station). The train goes as far as Nevers, Burgundy, where you take a taxi, and for only 20€ and in 20 minutes you will be in the hotel.

An individual transfer is very expensive, but if five or six people arrive in Paris approximately at the same time, at your request we can try to organize a group transfer.

Some participants of our course in Grasse chose to come for a week to learn more about the region. This time we are planning an additional program for those who would like to spend in Burgundy more than three days – a week from 15th to 22nd of April. We will announce later about it.


APRIL 18-22

€2,500 for 1 person occupying a double room.*

€4,300 for 2 people sharing a double room.*

APRIL 15-22

€3,700 for 1 person occupying a double room.*

€5,800 for 2 people sharing a double room.*

*This cost includes accommodation, courses, breakfast.


"So it’s serious news that Turin will be one of two principal lecturers at The Secret of Scent, a three-day residential course in Luberon, hosted from October 20 to 24 by Science & Vacation, a company that specialises in luxury learning with a scientific bent. Also speaking scent will be the course’s other founder Victoria Frolova, fragrance expert and How To Spend It contributor, who will delve into perfume’s history and how it is created now, while offering a rare opportunity to sniff recherché vintage formulas."
Oh, it was just awesome, in all ways! The opportunity to be in the presence of these fine, highly intelligent and generous people was one of the highlights of my year! SO glad it worked out.
Thank you so very much for hosting an interesting and organized event!  I learned a great deal, met wonderful people, and enjoyed the French countryside
Perfume is more than the experience of ethereal  fragrances.  It is history, chemistry, exotic (and mundane) materials, physics,  biology and, of course, your nose and preferences.  Sergy and Katya produced a fabulous course that took participants through perfume's history, its luminaries, its challenges and its successes.  We experienced perfumes almost 100 years old.  We experienced novel and avant-garde perfumes. And we learned about the sense of smell, down to the biophysics level.  We applied this experience and knowledge to create our own personal, wonderful  fragrance base.  The course also took us a short way down another scent road - wine tasting, but this is a story for another time.
Science & Vacation “The Secret of Scent” was my #1 travel experience in 2016 – and one of my top 10 ever! As a perfume lover, a perfume blog junkie and a Luca Turin science groupie, this class hit all the right notes! Location in the Luberon was gorgeous with lots of wonderful places to explore in Provence. And the parfums… OMG! Victoria was incredibly generous in sharing her vintage parfums that may be a once in a life time opportunity to smell, parfum classics like Jicky and Mitsuko and so many others! And Luca’s science lectures on how smell works and the chemistry of synthetics, esp musks, was as fascinating as you would expect from the irreverent and articulate Luca Turin! If you love parfums, are addicted to the perfume blogs and you love travel, Science & Vacation are for you! I loved this class so much I have already reserved my spot for the 2017 class!